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  • Zealous Intentions Cover

    Zealous Intentions

    After a scandalous coworker leaves the firm, landing Nashville’s new QB, Trevor Samuels, is the boost her company needs. Too bad he won’t take her calls. 

    Enter Zade, the sexy tattoo artist who’s been crushing on her for months. Turns out, he and an exclusive invite to Trevor’s cabin over Valentine’s Weekend. All Molly has to do is pretend to be his girlfriend and she’ll have all the access she needs to sign Trevor. 

    Should be simple, right? Too bad Zade’s intentions are less than pure. While she’s convincing Trevor to give her a shot, Zade is working to show Molly she can count on other people and that she should give him a chance. 

    Read how it turns out in Zealous Intentions, part of the Once Upon a Valentine’s Anthology. You can also preorder the full-length novel today!

    • ♥️ fake dating
    • 🥌 one bed
    • ♥️ forced proximity 
    • 🥌 workaholic FMC
    • ♥️ cinnamon roll MMC
    • 🥌 he falls first
    • ♥️piercings 🪜 + tats
    • 🥌 Songbirds cameos
    • ♥️ Valentine’s Weekend
    • 🌶️ spicy scene that will have you 🫠
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